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The Social Science Journal

The Social Science Journal

Chief Editor D. Bremmer

R. Adkisson
B. Aguirre
H. Albanesi
R.L. Boyd
Editorial board
M. Harrison
Y-F. Lee
E.M. Luna-Firebaugh
D. Lybecker
T. Maloney
M. Mora
J.D. Rausch
W.A. Reese
D. Sherkat
S. Song
N. Zhang
The Journal of Social Sciences is the official journal of the International Science Association. The main goal of the journal is to publish scientific work in the social sciences, defined in the classical sense, that is, in the social sciences, humanities and natural sciences. The published study can be theoretical, practical, as well as statistical and mathematical. Manuscripts are welcome in all areas that have important and advanced research related to the social sciences.
The journal also includes a research note section dedicated to supporting the ongoing research. The journal publishes materials from different countries.
CrossRef, Google Scholar, SSRN, Harvard, SocArXiv, Stanford University Libraries, Index Copernicus, ERIH Plus, BAZA, OpenAir